Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No Blogging Today

Hello Friends!! This is Natasha (Candice asked me to post this for her), but she wanted me to relay the information that she can't post anything right now while in Beijing due to internet restrictions... she is crossing her fingers and hoping she'll be able to at the next hotel so she can update her on all her fabulous adventures in Asia!! Have a great day =)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hello from rainy Hong Kong!  It has been raining for two days. We didn't go to Disney yesterday, due to the rain.  However, I did go to Miranda's (pearl shop) and get pearls for me and my mom.  Don't worry ladies, I will get yours in Beijing!  I also got two really pretty pearl and one jade. I am super excited about them =)

Anyway, after that we watched the light show.  It was awesome.  All the lights on the buildings in Hong Kong light up to music.  It was really cool.  I tried to take some good pictures, but it was I'm not sure how good they are. 

Today we got up and had worship service with our group.  After that we went to Victoria's Peak. Victoria's Peak is the highest point on Hong Kong island.  We couldn't see really well because of the rain but it was still really cool.  I took lots of pictures but alot of them were from the bus window.  They are not really great pictures but you can get an idea of how high we were and the view of the city from there.

This is the view from the bus window going up to Victoria's Peak

We were hoping to go to the horse races this afternoon, but due to the rain...that is not working out either.  We are thinking about going to get massages right now and then heading to Macau later tonight.  Macau is Hong Kong's version of Vegas...they even have a Cirque show!

Well we are off to explore some more of the city.  Enjoy your Sunday back in the US!

Cub-This made me think of you! xo

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jet Lag...

I forgot to add this to the last post, blame it on the jet lag....

When we got here last night we were given several envelopes with cards from home.  I cannot tell you how surprised and excited I was to see that so many of you took the time to write me a "note from home".  I loved them and am sure I will read them often in the next few weeks.  Don't worry Mom, I haven't opened yours yet....I really am waiting until the days listed on the outside. Anyway, thank you for my cards....I have the best friends and am thankful for all of you.  

Off to bed....tomorrow we have another company visit and Disneyland Hong Kong!

p.s. phone still doesn't work and I still MISS

Hello from Hong Kong

Hello from Hong Kong!

I know you all want to know about the trip here....I got to the airport at 9:30 am Wednesday morning and arrived in Hong Kong about 11:00pm Thursday night-Hong Kong time...10:00 am Nashville time.  The flight really wasn't that bad.  The landing on our flight to Minneapolis was bumpy, to say the least.  During landing we were about 50 ft off the ground when the pilot pulled back up, "for our safety".  There were wind gusts of 50 mph but he got it right the second time.  Our flight to Toyko was delayed slightly so when we arrived we had to run to make our flight to Hong Kong.  They were holding the plane for us so we boarded and immediately passed out.  Once we arrived in Hong Kong we had a meeting at the hotel and then went to sleep for a few hours before our 8 am meeting this morning.

Here is a picture from our long flight to Tokyo...the Canadian Rockies

This morning we had our first company visit with Stanton Chase.  It was pretty interesting but everyone was really tired.  After Stanton Chase, Trish, Preston, James and I went to the Stanley Market.  We had lunch there (lemon chicken, rice and Coke) and then walked around.  I bought a canvas painting of Hong Kong...hopefully I can get one in each city and hang them all together. 

The market was are a few pictures of the cab ride there and the market.

Hong Kong

On the way to the market....totally different than the rest of Hong Kong we have seen.

Stanley Market

Tonight we had dinner at The China Club, a very exclusive, private club in Hong Hong.  Afterwards, we went on top of the building and had a wonderful view of the city.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Skipping a Day

We made it to China! It is 2 am here and I have to be up and in the lobby at this won't be a long post.  I just wanted everyone to know that we got here safely.

I promise to post more tomorrow, pictures included.

Family-the rented phone doesn't work....hopefully fixed by tomorrow and I will call then.

Cub-Miss you, xoxo

Monday, May 18, 2009

All Packed and Ready to Go

Hi Everyone!

First, let me apologize to all of you (well mostly just Natasha) for the appearance of my blog. I know it's not pretty and doesn't have a photo collage, but I just ran out of time. So forgive me!

As you know, I am heading across the big pond to CHINA on Wednesday! I can't believe the trip I have been talking about and planning for since last August is finally here. I decided to try and blog everyday while I am in China so that my friends and family at home could keep up with what I am doing...and be a little jealous :)

I am traveling with a group from Lipscomb University. I am participating in Lipscomb's MBA program and this trip counts as a class! We had four prep sessions where we learned about the companies we will visit, "learned" some Mandarin and got to know the people we will be spending 17 days with in China.

If you are interested, here is the link to our itinerary ( ) As you can see, we will be traveling to Hong Kong, Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai and doing everything we can squeeze into 17 days.

I, for once, am packed EARLY! I was a little freaked out by the 1 bag, 44 lb. limit so I had to plan ahead. I actually tried to pack light to plan for the many things I will be buying...including your pearls ladies! I think I did a pretty good job-with a little help from Mom.

It might not be pretty since this is my first time blogging and I won't have a lot of time while I am there, but I am going to give it a shot. So check back over the next three weeks and follow along on my trip to CHINA!



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