Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello from Hong Kong

Hello from Hong Kong!

I know you all want to know about the trip here....I got to the airport at 9:30 am Wednesday morning and arrived in Hong Kong about 11:00pm Thursday night-Hong Kong time...10:00 am Nashville time.  The flight really wasn't that bad.  The landing on our flight to Minneapolis was bumpy, to say the least.  During landing we were about 50 ft off the ground when the pilot pulled back up, "for our safety".  There were wind gusts of 50 mph but he got it right the second time.  Our flight to Toyko was delayed slightly so when we arrived we had to run to make our flight to Hong Kong.  They were holding the plane for us so we boarded and immediately passed out.  Once we arrived in Hong Kong we had a meeting at the hotel and then went to sleep for a few hours before our 8 am meeting this morning.

Here is a picture from our long flight to Tokyo...the Canadian Rockies

This morning we had our first company visit with Stanton Chase.  It was pretty interesting but everyone was really tired.  After Stanton Chase, Trish, Preston, James and I went to the Stanley Market.  We had lunch there (lemon chicken, rice and Coke) and then walked around.  I bought a canvas painting of Hong Kong...hopefully I can get one in each city and hang them all together. 

The market was are a few pictures of the cab ride there and the market.

Hong Kong

On the way to the market....totally different than the rest of Hong Kong we have seen.

Stanley Market

Tonight we had dinner at The China Club, a very exclusive, private club in Hong Hong.  Afterwards, we went on top of the building and had a wonderful view of the city.

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  1. These night pictures are amazing! Glad you got their safely, been thinking about you.




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