Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hello from rainy Hong Kong!  It has been raining for two days. We didn't go to Disney yesterday, due to the rain.  However, I did go to Miranda's (pearl shop) and get pearls for me and my mom.  Don't worry ladies, I will get yours in Beijing!  I also got two really pretty pearl and one jade. I am super excited about them =)

Anyway, after that we watched the light show.  It was awesome.  All the lights on the buildings in Hong Kong light up to music.  It was really cool.  I tried to take some good pictures, but it was I'm not sure how good they are. 

Today we got up and had worship service with our group.  After that we went to Victoria's Peak. Victoria's Peak is the highest point on Hong Kong island.  We couldn't see really well because of the rain but it was still really cool.  I took lots of pictures but alot of them were from the bus window.  They are not really great pictures but you can get an idea of how high we were and the view of the city from there.

This is the view from the bus window going up to Victoria's Peak

We were hoping to go to the horse races this afternoon, but due to the rain...that is not working out either.  We are thinking about going to get massages right now and then heading to Macau later tonight.  Macau is Hong Kong's version of Vegas...they even have a Cirque show!

Well we are off to explore some more of the city.  Enjoy your Sunday back in the US!

Cub-This made me think of you! xo

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