Monday, June 15, 2009

Hong Kong Summary

So much different than I expected. Everywhere we went was like a mall with very high end stores...Burberry, Prada, etc.

People: Extrememly helpful and polite. The hotel staff was AMAZING. I found a large majority of the people we came in contact with spoke at least some English. We didn't have much trouble communicating at all. One thing we did learn was to "be aggressive"...for example, getting on an elevator or the better go or someone will go in front of you.

Hotel: Courtyard Marriott was great. No complaints at all. The staff was amazing and way above expectations.

Weather: Rain, Rain, Rain.

Christianity: Most of the companies we visited seemed to embrace Christianity. It definiately wasn't something we felt the need to hide. Our group church service, led by James, was very uplifting.

Food: We ate Western food a lot. The first day we ventured to a local place in Stanley Market. Trish and I had a good experience, but Preston and James were not impressed. The dinner we had a The China Club (sponsored by Prudential Asia) was traditional Chinese. I did not enjoy all of the food, but I did enjoy some of it.

Least Favorite Experience: He Shan....mainly due to the all day commute

Favorite Experience: Macau. It was just totally unexpected and a great "break" from the group activity.

Most Disappointing: Victoria's Peak was nothing like I expected. It was a mall with some look out points. I was expecting more "natual" surroundings. Granted, this might have been because the weather was terrible and it was nearly impossible to leave the building.

Things to Remember: Stanley Market, Macau, Victoria's Peak, Light Show, The China Club, company visit to Prudential Asia

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