Wednesday, June 24, 2009

May 31, 2009

We got to sleep in today! Nothing planned until 10!
We went to church at a government sanctioned Christian Church this morning. It was huge! We wore headphones and the service was translated into English for us. At church we met a lady who graduated from Lipscomb in 1951 and has been living in Beijing for years...she is 92! What a small world!

After church we went to the Beijing Zoo. It was SO HOT! The zoo grounds were nice but the animals didn't seem to be well kept. Visitors were feeding the bears!

After the zoo we headed to the airport for our trip to Xi'an. We had to say goodbye to Carl =( We learned so much from him and wish we could take him with us for the rest of our trip.
When we arrived in Xi'an we met our new tour guide, Harry. Let's just say, Harry is no Carl. We headed to the hotel and some of us got massages before going to bed.

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